In Germany it's necassary that every sports instructor has a special training in teaching sports. For this reason the German Tang Soo Do Association does this special training for all German Tang Soo Do instructors. An other reason is to get a lot of well trained intructors to get well trained students. It's possible to start this special training every time. If you have finished all steps of this training and successful passed the exam, then you will get the special instructor license called "Tang Soo Do Fachlizenz". This license is only valid in Germany in the German Tang Soo Do Association. It's not the same like the instructor license of the WTSDA. To attend this training it's necessary to be at least 16 years old and to be a 3th Gup or higher.

This training and all documents are only in German language and there will be no translation! For more information visit the German version of this page