Last update:
01/07/ DTSDV Instructor Clinic in Esting / K. Trogemann
02/11/ DTSDV Hyung/Weapons Clinic in Bogenhausen, Munich / R. Auer, K. Trogemann
02/18/ - 02/19/ DTSDV Instructor Clinic in Esting / R. Auer, K. Trogemann
03/28/ - 04/05/ WTSDA Masters Clinic in Florence, USA / GM R. Beaudoin, B. Strong
04/22/ - 04/23/ DTSDV Techniques Clinic in Wiesbaden / S. Woodward, K. Trogemann
04/28/ - 04/30/ Friendship/Techniques Clinic in Gothenburg, Sweden / Dr. A. Ewing, K. Trogemann
04/29/ DTSDV Youth Clinic in Neufahrn / J. Kandlbinder, A. Schmid
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05/06/ - 05/07/ DTSDV Clinic for advanced students in Issum / A. Brall, K. Trogemann
05/12/ - 05/14/ Friendship/Techniques Clinic in Lyon, France / Dr. A. Bernard, K. Trogemann
05/26/ - 05/28/ DTSDV Summer Camp in Taching am See, OB / K. Trogemann
06/24/ International German TSD Championship in Esting / K. Trogemann
07/15/ DTSDV Il Soo Sik- and Ho Sin Sul Clinic in Eching / R. Kallinger, K. Trogemann
07/23/ German DDK Championship incl. TSD, HKD, Ki Gong in Leutershausen / F. Herzog, H. Possenriede, K. Trogemann
09/01/ - 09/03/ TSD Hochrhein Summer Camp in Hochrhein, Switzerland / S. Peters, K. Trogemann
09/16/ DTSDV Black Belt Test in Esting / K. Trogemann and other Masters of the DTSDV
09/20/ - 09/25/ World Ki Gong Club Clinic in USA / Dr. Tim Schroeder
09/29/ - 10/01/ DDK-Clinic of Budo Martial Arts in Saarlouis / H. Tonnellier, K. Trogemann and others
10/15/ - 10/17/ WKGC European/German Ki Gong Clinic in Delft, Netherlands / K. Trogemann
10/18/ - 10/19/ WTSDA European Master Clinic in Delft, Netherlands / L. Heskes, GM Robert Beaudoin
10/20/ WTSDA European Black Belt Clinic in Delft, Netherlands / L. Heskes, GM Robert Beaudoin
10/21/ WTSDA European Championship in Delft, Netherlands / L. Heskes, GM Robert Beaudoin
11/11/ - 11/12/ DTSDV Techniques Clinic in Alpen, NRW / G. Engenhorst, K. Trogemann
11/25/ DTSDV Weapons Clinic in Leitershofen / Th. Krause, K. Trogemann
12/16/ Senior-Dan Clinic and meeting of the DTSDV in Esting / K. Trogemann, Studio/Club Leiter
  • Usually all clinics are from 10.00 - 13.00 o'clock. Otherwise there will be additional information.
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Note: Since the January 1, 2007 you have to pay 15,- Euro/Participant/Lesson for each German clinic! To get permission for Dan tests it's necessary to attend two German clinics and one other event of DTSDV/WTSDA each year. You can get a detailed schematic of the requirements for Dan tests from your chief instructor!